Woo-Bee mission is to stimulate children's creativity through environmental friendly wooden blocks


Creativity Drivers

  • Children love magnets
  • Free-from-constraints enable children creativity
  • A new way to attach them: top, bottom, front, rear and side by side!
  • New solutions, new creativity!
  • Handling parts easier than plastic ones
  • Online platform to share creativity among users


Environment Drivers

  • Only wood used, no plastic components involved
  • No paintcoating
  • No waste produced
  • Low carbon-foot business model

All components manufactured and assembled in Italy because "Made in Italy" is synonymous of excellence when it comes to Design, Materials and Quality.

All components made by small specialized artisans to sustain local communities, reduce lead time while allowing flexibility and create a story to tell.

Investment in technology on selected suppliers to guarantee high degree of standardization.

All artisans must adhere to a strict green production methods in line with W-Blocks mission. We, together with our partners, aim to contribute to a more sustainable  planet.